Malia Obama criticized for reportedly playing beer pong

According to several Brown University students off of social media last weekend, not only was Malia Obama taking a couple of shots but was spotted practicing giving it the good ol’ college try in front of the beer pong table.

High school senior Malia Obama is now undergoing a ritual that is normal for 17-year-olds around the country.

Obama has been touring potential colleges trying to determine which one she’d like to attend and this marked her second visit to Brown.

Malia Obama Beer Pong Scandal- Photos- See Star’s Enjoying Beer! .

“Saw Malia Obama playing beer pong at a party last night #Casual“, tweets @taylorrrpearce.

‘Standing next to Malia Obama at a party nbd, ‘ wrote Hailey Fulkerson on Twitter Saturday night. You might ask yourself why the president’s daughter would get in trouble for possibly drinking beer and bouncing a ping pong ball – but when you are 17-years-old and the drinking age is 21, it’s not a smart move to stand suggestively close to a bunch of red Solo cups.

The way we see it, while the President’s approval ratings may be down, Malia’s doing her best to fire up a few future voters with an activity any millennial voter (Dem or Rep.) would agree on, drinking games. Seriously, no 17-year-old has ever done that.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t start partying like the Secret Service.

Malia Obama

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