Android Users Eagerly Awaiting The Arrival of ‘Betcade’

Betcade, the world’s first dedicated Android app store for real money gaming set to launch in July 2016. Betcade promises to deliver the only high quality gaming specific ecosystem on Android and will provide casino operators with a unified, branded destination for gambling apps for the very first time.

Set to be the only trusted source for gambling app discovery on Android, Betcade guarantees to pave a smooth and direct route for its users. By integrating a familiar process that only App Store users are currently accustomed to, Betcade will directly tackle the convoluted  difficulties of discovery, payment, distribution, management and security for both users and operators alike on Android devices.  

Unfortunately for Android users, the method to subsequently retrieve their favourite games is currently a laborious and often murky process of landing on disconnected affiliate sites that subsequently lead to multiple redirections thereafter. Something that can often, and quite easily, lead to security risks online for both users and operators.

Level the playing field

With an initial launch in the UK, Betcade aims to spearhead the aggregation of real money gaming apps onto its unique platform. Not only does this revolutionise Android mobile gaming, it will also help to level the playing field for gambling operators who are prohibited from being featured on the Google Play Store at all.

Additionally, while Apple hosts real money gaming apps on its store, they refuse to help promote or provide rankings for them. As a result, apps are hidden from audiences and operator target markets when they do finally make it on the store. Betcade aims to eliminate all of these issues for Android by aggregating rankings, promotions, curation and payment processes, among a whole host of other benefits, onto its platform.

Payment processes for customers and operators also promise to be reliable. CEO David Chang, formerly Head of Industry Relations at Gamblit Gaming, leads yet another fully qualified team and guarantees that both users and operators have a secure and more comfortable experience. With this, Betcade will also put an end to the long, drawn out process of individually having to register details for each app by consolidating this into a one-time-only, dependable service customers deserve, and that operators will benefit from.

Combined with a sleek, smart and polished UI, Betcade’s benefits to users and operators aim to significantly improve both conversion and retention for the operator, and allow players to seamlessly enjoy their gaming experience.


  • A world first finally offering Android users access to real money gaming apps.
  • Providing players with a familiar app store experience, which they are comfortable to engage with.
  • Collection of payment details at the store simplifies deposits leading to better retention and conversion rates once trust is established.
  • Users can tailor the layout to their own specific interest and needs.
  • A modern gaming experience for the modern day real money gamer.

About Betcade

Launching in July 2016, Betcade is the first dedicated Android app store for the gaming industry and the premier destination for players to discover, download and manage the best gaming apps. Betcade provides a trusted and secure branded app store that makes it easy for operators to distribute and promote their real money gaming apps, and for players to discover, download and play all of the games they love. Once players install Betcade and download their favorite real-money apps, management, updates and deposits are seamless.

Founded to create the first Android ecosystem specifically for gaming, Betcade’s executive team has deep roots in gaming and mobile industries. The company is privately held with offices in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

About David:

Founder and CEO David Chang was formerly CMO and Head of Industry Relations at Gamblit Gaming, and previously founded two mobile games companies, both of which are still active today: Gamiker Inc and OnNet Europe GmbH.

David has had extensive, successful experience launching and scaling companies in the games and gaming industries both in the US and worldwide and is known in both industries as an expert in online games, real money gaming content and technology, regulatory issues, and payment models. He is also an active member of the International Masters of Gaming Law.

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