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Telltale Games Announces Arrival Of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1

The release of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 was announced by Telltale Games recently. October 13 is the date when all you Minecraft fans will be able to play your favorite games. The developers have guaranteed the gamers that the game feels like the original series of Minecraft, although it carries a distinctive theme.

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1

About Minecraft: Story Mode

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1, instead of constructing different worlds, will be like a chronicle. Developers at Telltale Games said that they collaborated very closely with the developers at Mojang to make sure that the game carries over the original vibe from Minecraft.

For the first time, since the game began, players will be able to choose the gender as well as the appearance of the main character. There are 3 different sets of appearances to choose from.

The voice of the main character, Jesse, has been voiced by Patton Oswalt for male and Catherine Taber for female.

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 only has a single player mode. This adventure game will include various characters who try to finish an important mission. Your character will commence a treacherous adventure to Overworld going through Nether and finally to the End.

Price and Availability of Minecraft: Story Mode

“The Order of the Stone” is the title of the first episode and it will be available for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Mac. The version for Android and Apple smartphones, iPad and tablets will be released on October 15.

Mac and PC owners can procure the game from Telltale Online store as well as from Stream. On the other hand, owners of PlayStation and Xbox can make sure they get to play Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 by downloading it from the PlayStation Network and Xbox Games Store respectively. Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Apple iTunes will see this game debut for smartphones this time round.

The price of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 has been set at $29.99.

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