Battery Free Devices Finding Ways To Utilize Clean Renewable Energy

Can you imagine any smartphone, laptop or any other electronic device that doesn’t need any charging? Well, it is difficult to imagine any electronic device that doesn’t require charging because every device is battery operated. Every battery operated device will drain after some time and require charging.

What if there is a device that eliminates the need of batteries? How cool it would be? We would never have to look for a wall socket to charge our smartphone or laptop. But, the question is – Is it really possible to have battery free devices?

Many researchers have tried to harvest energy from the RF energy available in our environment, but no one has successfully implemented it (But there are exceptions). The engineers of the University of Washington have created a new wireless communication system that lets devices interact with each other without relying on batteries or wires for power.

But their system couldn’t generate much energy that could power any device. These were not the only researchers who worked on to harvest clean renewable energy, there are many other researchers who have tried to achieve it.

Many tech giants are also working to find ways to utilize RF energy and discover other renewable sources to power devices. If the experiments are successful, we could one day use this renewable energy in an unlimited way without harming our environment.

If the battery will be gone, there will be no requirements for toxic metals like zinc, cadmium, lead, lithium and some more. All these metals are toxic in nature and hence destroy our environment. It also affects the health of human beings that are involved in the extraction of these metals and those who work where the hazardous batteries are manufactured.

If we can eliminate the need of batteries, it will also be helpful in reducing the usage of non-renewable energy sources like coal for generating electricity. This will be possible because we can expect a significant decrease in the requirement of electricity if we use battery free devices.

There are many other big companies that are researching to find clean renewable energy sources for the betterment of humanity and our environment. It is very important to resort to other sources because we have been using fossil fuels in excess and has damaged our environment.

The melting icebergs in the arctic, the rising sea levels, climate change are all results of our past deeds. We should together work to protect our Mother Nature and find ways for utilizing clean renewable sources of energy.

K3OPS, which is one of the leading companies in the field of utilizing cleaner renewable energy, has developed Stick’N Charge that can utilize the electromagnetic radiation in our environment. It uses and recycles the renewable energy derived from ambient EMR to operate and charge all electronic devices.

K3OPS will definitely make the change in terms of renewable energy usage with their most advanced and efficient RF Energy Harvester in the market. We can stop all redox process involved in batteries and become more respectful towards our Mother Nature. It will also be beneficial for the health of human beings.

These battery free devices will lessen the burden on non-renewable sources of energy and will lead towards the use of cleaner renewable energy sources. These devices are not producing any by-products so they are not polluting our environment in any way. 

It is expected that we can see an exponential rise in the use of battery-less devices in the coming future.All of this is possible due to Stick’N Charge technology developed by WEI Xin and Alexandre Despallieres. With YUAN Jun integration as a third partners, they can now not only create more green product but also manufacture them worldwide.

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K3OPS - WEI Xin and DESPALLIERES Alexandre
WEI Xin, DESPALLIERES Alexandre, YUAN Jun – K3OPS RF Energy Harvesting
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