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Bill Clinton blames Donald Trump

Clinton, whose lead for the Democratic presidential nomination is shrinking in a few national polls, said in an interview on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that her attorneys decided without her assistance which e-mails from the private server she used while at the State Department were business-related and would be made public.

August 20: A federal judge hearing a Freedom of Information Act case concerning Clinton’s email says, “We wouldn’t be here if the employee had followed government policy“.

On Friday, former President Bill Clinton blamed the GOP for keeping the server scandal afloat in an effort to sink his wife’s bid for the White House.

Front-runners Donald Trump, Republican, and Hillary Clinton, Democrat, have received the majority of the attention, as it appears the two will represent their parties in November of 2016.

“Even the Republicans admit that the sanctions on Iran were well done”, he said.

“He’s the next best person to her to do events and raise primary money”, said Steve Elemendorf, a veteran Democratic strategist who is raising money for Clinton.

Clinton has since apologized for using a private server and said she’s provided copies of all the messages she was required to turn over. Clinton tried to explain; I think that they played the race card on me”.

Bush told Fox News on Sunday that his comments were taken out of context and he was making a point that was counter to what Romney had said at the time. “And the people that he is telling it to now basically have only heard that story, so they believe it and it’s probably good politics for him“. Bill Clinton will also headline fundraisers in Atlanta and Kansas City later this week and Detroit later in the month, the Associated Press reported Monday.

None of this will matter when it comes to the way Clinton is covered, and I already have designated a section of my inbox for the complaints that I am carrying her water here.

“You have to be able to brand yourself”.

To the former president, however, the issue is more about persecution than prosecution. And they know that if they leak things and say things, that that is catnip to the people who get bored talking about whats your position on student loan relief or dealing with the shortage of mental health care, or what to do with the epidemic of prescription drugs and heroin out in America. “In fact, as you might remember during the ’90s, there were a bunch of them”.

He also stuck up for his wife, whose poll numbers have taken a hit amid a stream of reports about her use of a private email server during her tenure running the State Department. “As he said I think in that same interview, you know, ‘They’re not giving this job away.’ You have to get out there, you have to earn it”. “I have no idea what else I’ll do”.

Emails: Russia-linked hackers tried to access Clinton server

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