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Can LG double sided OLED TV find a way in the consumer market?

If you live in a family with your brother or sister, it is quite normal that you fight with them for your TV shows. But it will soon be a thing of the past, as the South Korean Giant unveiled LG double sided OLED TV at the IFA 2015 trade show in Berlin.

LG double sided OLED TV will allow watching different sides of the television simultaneously and probably the fight over TV shows may end soon. The company showcased a 111-inch TV, which is made of three 65-inch UHD OLED displays. Moreover, the South Korean Giant also showcased a 55-inch version of its double-sided OLED TV, which has a thickness of just 5.3 mm.

LG double sided OLED TV

Dr. Ching W. Tang said in a statement during LG’s keynote presentation at IFA 2015:

“Without backlight and other auxiliary layers, the OLED display is fundamentally less complicated compared to LCD, and in time less costly to manufacture. I have no doubt, given its advanced features and superior performance – foldable, wearable, flexible and transparent, OLED is the display technology for the next generation.”

The company also showed off a “wallpaper OLED display,” offering a 55-inch display under a thickness of just 1 mm. Another exciting feature is that it can be attached and removed easily from walls via a magnetic backing.

Can consumers be benefitted from LG double sided OLED TV?

It seems difficult to imagine whether consumers would be benefited from LG double sided OLED TV or not because it will not be easy to implement the idea in our sweet homes. It has definitely showed what LG is capable of doing. Both the displays are only prototypes, as for now. What are your views regarding the TV, Is it possible that it becomes a part of our daily life?

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