How Instagram Can Predict Next Supermodels?

There are numerous models in this world and only a few of them actually become supermodels. According to the latest research lead by computer experts, Instagram can predict next supermodels. Really, Is That Possible?

Indiana University researchers used an algorithm, analyzing the Instagram accounts of models and were able to predict with 80% accuracy the next models that will become the hottest faces in the fashion industry.

Instagram can predict next supermodels by collecting data:

The researchers gathered stats on nearly 400 fashion models from the FMD (Fashion Model Directory), which is a major database of professional female models. It tracks fashion models details like modeling agency; height; eye and hair color; waist, hip, dress and shoes size; and runways walked.

Instagram Can Predict Next Supermodels

The computer experts monitored the popularity of the model on Instagram by looking at the number of her followers, likes and comments on each post, analyzing the comments on the post (whether they are positive or negative), and the frequency of account usage.

According to the researchers, fashion models who have already achieved success were actively posting photos of new projects and models who were promoting a campaign were more popular than the inactive users or without an Instagram account.

Instagram can predict next supermodels and the researchers at the University of Southern California said regarding it:

“We chose the fashion industry for this research because it represents a strong ‘winner-take-all’ mentality. This aspect of survival of the fittest, plus the large amount of statistical data on professional models, makes it a perfect subject for advancing research on ‘the science of success,”

They also considered the modelling agency or agent with which the model is associated. If the agency of any model is more popular than that of the other, higher will be her chances of becoming a supermodel.

According to the study revealed by researchers, Instagram can predict next supermodels. This study has also shown that models using Instagram regularly have great chances of becoming supermodels.

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