Chevrolet Car Owners to Get Theft Alarm Notification in Real Time

Chevrolet has recently announced a new Theft Alarm Notification feature that will allow users to be alerted in real time if someone tries to steal their Chevrolet car equipped with OnStar services. The Theft Alarm Notification is the enhancement of Chevrolet’s existing RemoteLink app that includes more features for the car.

How it Works?

If a thief will try to tamper with or steal your car then you would be notified by your app and OnStar instantly. You can select any of the option to receive the theft alarm notification message via phone call, text or email. It will also let you know that the authorities have been alerted to the theft or not. OnStar uses GPS technology to help local authorities to track the stolen car. OnStar will also help the police to chase down the thief with the Theft Alarm Feature, as they will be able to send a signal to certain models to stop the car or slow down the car if the conditions are safe.

“Prompt response and quick awareness of theft situations give customers a greater chance to recover stolen property. By leveraging the connection that OnStar provides, Chevrolet owners can remain in contact with their vehicle, even when it is out of sight,” said Sandor Piszar, Director of Chevrolet Truck Marketing.

Who will get it?

Chevrolet Car owners who want to add the Theft Alarm Notification will need OnStar’s Stolen Vehicle Assistance service and also need to make sure that the model of their car is compatible with it. This service is a part of the Security and Guidance subscription packages. According to Chevrolet most of the Chevy models dated from 2014 or later will be compatible with it. The new Theft Alarm Feature will also be available for other General Motors brands like Buick, Cadillac and GMC.

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