Chevrolet Tiny AC for Smartphones unveiled to protect your Battery from Overheating

Chevrolet tiny AC for smartphones unveiled to protect your battery from overheating. The issue of phone batteries overheating is genuine and comes while charging in places with extreme climates. Smartphones that we buy today has already built-in thermal protection, but it is not enough to protect the battery in some extreme conditions.

When Chevrolet’s engineers were testing out their vehicles’ smartphone wireless charging feature, they noticed that some phones were turned off and some even stopped charging because of the built-in thermal protection feature that is enabled if the car’s temperature becomes too high.

How does Chevrolet tiny AC for Smartphones work?

So, there is a solution to this problem with Chevrolet tiny AC for smartphones that will help to cool down the smartphones in extreme climates. Chevrolet Active Phone Cooling system is the first technology that helps a smartphone to maintain an optimum temperature while the phone is in the car.

The engineers at Chevrolet tried to solve the problem by connecting an air vent and directing it to the car’s charging bin. The air vent which is connected to the ventilation system and aircon is used to make sure that cool air is sent to the phone to prevent overheating. So, users just need to place the device in the small tray located below the dashboard to cool it down.

Dan Lascu, Impala engineer said “Innovation doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel. Sometimes simplicity offers the most elegant solution to a problem.”

When will Chevrolet Active Phone Cooling system come?

Earlier this month Chevrolet unveiled Theft Alarm Notification in real time. Now, Chevrolet Tiny AC for Smartphone has been unveiled which will work only when the car’s AC is turned on and will help in preventing your battery to fry on a hot day. Chevrolet Active Phone Cooling system will be installed in the 2016 Chevy Impala, Cruze, Volt, Malibu, and some other models.

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