Former Facebook and Apple Engineer Scott Goodson Hired By Pinterest As Head of Core Experience

Pinterest has hired former Facebook and Apple Engineer Scott Goodson to improve its platform. Scott Goodson has been hired as the head of Pinterest’s core experience, task along with leading the social network’s mobile platform and web teams.

Although Scoot Goodson was not a high-profile employee during his time at Apple, but he was one among the first ten engineers to work on iOS 1.0 which turned the iPhone into one of the world’s most popular mobile platforms.

During his time at Facebook, Scoot managed engineering teams overseeing the experimental Paper newsreader app and Instagram iOS for iOS. Also, he led the native code rewrite of the core Facebook app.

As more than 80 percent of Pinners coming to Pinterest though mobile devices, so Goodson’s talents will be utilized to lead a team who is going to responsible for developing UI and improve performance and architecture on Android, iOS and the web.

These types of hires bring fresh talent and ideas to a growing startup like Pinterest, which is quickly becoming a strong home for search and commerce. However, most of the applications like Pinterest are also going to find that the responsiveness of the experience is strongly tied to the app’s engagement levels.

To ensure high level of engagement is very important for a company like Pinterest, as it can lead to pins, searches, re-pins and potentially convert those into sales.

Pinterest’s engineering team is planning hired more than 200 employees, and many among them are touted to have high-profile resume bullet points from Google to Quora.

Recently, Pinterest has been releasing different features and schemes across mobile channels. The company is launching Buyable pins in the United States first on Pinterest iPhone and iPad apps in the following few weeks. Also later on, an Android deployment was promised to be launched at an unrevealed date.

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