Twitter’s Project Lightning: A new way to Track Live news Events

Although Twitter is a great service for catching up on breaking news and live events, but for that you have to first follow the right people. It looks like the company has a plan to fix that with a new its feature, codenamed Project Lightning.

According to Buzzfeed, the news-focused service will roll out later this year for everyone from die-hard Twitter users to people who don’t even have their own accounts.

Twitter’s Project Lightning is going to be curated around Live events. They will include like major sporting events, music festivals and breaking news. In the Twitter’s app, all these events are going to live in a new menu where users can browse from 7 to 10 curated events per day.

The content that is going to appear in the live events section will be curated by a team of editors which is led by Katie Jacobs Stanton, Twitter’s head of media.

Instead of a timeline interface, the company will present these streams in a new full-screen format, along with each tweet, video and photo taht will be displayed one at a time. The main purpose is to present events in a format that is going to be easy for users to swipe through to watch how an event unfolds in real-time, Twitter says.

“It’s a brand-new way to look at tweets,” Kevin Weil, Twitter’s head of product, told Buzzfeed. “This is a bold change, not evolutionary.”

Twitter’s Project Lightning also help the company to address its ongoing struggle with user growth. When this project is launched, the feature will appear in the Twitter’s mobile apps and also on You can also embed event based feeds to other websites, which the company thinks will be particularly appealing to news organizations

According to reports, Project Lightning has been in the works since January. The recent Shuffle of Company’s CEO will have no affect on its rollout, said soon-to-be CEO Jack Dorsey.

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