Facebook ‘Pages’ could be the best website option for small businesses

Small businesses rejoice! A better website option might be on its way with Facebook Pages

Lots of small businesses have teetered on the borderline of needing a website for their business. The pressure of being told they need a “web presence” is felt by many and more times than not, they give into this pressure and spend way too much money on something that doesn’t always give the best return on investment. Thanks to Facebook, that need could soon be filled with a simple solution.

Pager is a products of the 24-hr Disrupt NY Hackathon that was developed specifically for small businesses that are already using Facebook as its main platform for getting news out to their customers. Businesses like restaurants and bars already their pages to post photos of events, list their menu, upcoming events and more.

What Pager intends to do is to simplify the website building process down and offering just the things a business like this would need, by breaking the site down into four categories – About, News, Events and Galleries – and present everything in an environment most people are already used to working in, which is Facebook.

There is no word just yet on when something like this might roll out and become available to the public, but once it does, it could be a huge money and time saver for small businesses.


Read more about Pager at Techcrunch

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