Gmail Experiences Errors

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Gmail users around the world reported that there were errors and safety warnings over the weekend. Google had forgotten to update a vital part of their messaging software. According to Google, the majority users are only affected in the short run and the problem will be solved soon. People around the world experienced unusual behavior but were still able to use their Gmail accounts.

Many had reported on Twitter that they want to hear a statement from Google about what had gone wrong and when it will be fixed. The error messages had started from 4th April and people who were sending email messages from Gmail were affected.

The glitches ascended because Google had ignored to renovate a security certificate for Gmail and its app services. The certificate is responsible for establishing a secure connection to certain destinations, this makes sure that the messages sent will not be hacked or spied on.

Known as Authority G2, this is Google’s in-house security protocol and it administers security certificates for Google. Google said that this problem would react in different ways and many users will be affected. Many people are looking for an answer as there has been many incidents regarding hacking lately. Initially some people had thought that Google was compromised but this was clarified later on by the Giant. Google had rectified the problem immediately; it took them 2 hours to solve the problem.

This happened when Google refused security updated which were issued by the China Internet Network Information Center.

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