Turkey Lifts Social Media Restrictions

Twitter and Youtube Logos

The social media restrictions on Twitter and Facebook have been lifted by Turkey after the image of the prosecutor being held at gunpoint was removed by the sites. In an incident, two gunmen had taken a prosecutor hostage, the police stormed into the building and the 2 gunman and the hostage died.

Turkey had blocked social media sites who were showing the images of the incident, the newspapers were already instructed to not to post any news regarding the incident. The newspapers were accused by the government of disseminating “terrorist propaganda” for the DHKP-C group that was reportedly behind the attack on the courthouse. The DHKP-C is considered a terrorist group by Turkey, the European Union and US.

166 websites showed the images of the incident, the Turkish courts had given an order to block all of those images. YouTube is still blocked but they said that they are looking for ways to restore access.

The same block was subjected on Facebook but the restrictions were lifted once Facebook had removed the pictures. The court had given Facebook a deadline. Twitter’s reaction was a little slow as the messaging system was still blocked was hours on Monday.

Many people were facing problems with the social media; they were unable to access the sites and other services. This is not the first time this has happened. In march 2014, similar blocks on social media sites were witnessed and Turkey filed requests to remove content from social media networks.

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