Google Updated Gmail with New Emojis and Themes

Yesterday, Google updated Gmail with new emojis and themes. This move will enable the users to customize the look and feel of the Gmail interface even further. Now Gmail will become more personalized and fun to use.

While announcing the updates for Gmail with new emojis and themes in a blog post, Google pointed out that the themes have been a part of Gmail since 2008. According to the post, there will be hundreds of images that can be used for backgrounds, and many of them have been captured by Google staff. Google editing tools like vignette, text background and blur will allow users to edit the image according to them for their inbox.

“The emojis are based on the Unicode Consortium list of illustrated characters, though different platforms like Android and iOS put their own spin on the individual designs.”

Why Google updated Gmail with new emojis and themes?

To catch up with the popular message texting apps, Google updated Gmail with new emojis. So users will now be able to add pictures of animals, food and lot others with their email. To add emojis, users need to click on the smiley below the message they are writing and can scroll through the various creatures, faces and symbols, some of which can also be animated.

Besides the emojis upgrade, Google updated Gmail with new themes, which will be added to its existing themes that will place amazing graphics and photography in an attractive way behind Gmail interface. Users can now also edit their theme’s background photos.

Today, Gmail has more than 900 million users all over the world and 75% of them use it from mobile devices. So upgrading of emojis is an essential move by Google to keep Gmail mobile friendly. Google updated Gmail with new emojis and themes which will be started rolling out today and may take a few days to reach all users.

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