Huawei Unveil their Latest Flagship Phones

Huawei P8 Smartphone

The latest flagship Smartphones with cameras are Huawei’s latest venture. The cameras are able to produce professional videos and photos. The camera has a mix of advanced sensors with optical image stabilization technology; this gives the users excellent quality photos with painting effects.

Huawei is planning to market their new product as a premium device but many experts say that the company is still in infant in the mobile phone industry and will need to climb mountains, and there are many to climb.

Ben Wood, from the tech consultancy CCS Insight, said that western consumers find value for money in Huawei’s brand. Their challenge to make a different product that is not only functional but also has a great design. The high end smartphone industry is dominated by Apple and they are not loosening their grip anytime soon. Apple has successfully beaten all rivals with the exception of Samsung, and has been successful in producing great products, one after the other.

Apple is also known to spend a large amount of their budget on marketing and customer service, including the amount of money they spend on product testing, design and manufacturing. These are important elements for Huawei to consider if they are to compete with giants like Apple and Samsung.

The flagship phone comes in two sizes- the basic P8 with a 5.2in screen (13.2cm) and the P8max with a larger than normal 6.8in (17.3cm) display. Both phones have a 13 megapixel rear camera and the camera delivers better images.

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