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In many ways, Millennials are the most talked about demographic in history. Including individuals who were born in the build-up to the Millennium (and now in their early twenties to mid-thirties), they hold huge appeal among brands primarily because they account for a huge and particularly influential target market. This

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Solarin: The Rolls-Royce of Smartphones

As we all know, Sirin Labs was able to raise $72M seed capital to launch a secure smartphone and that phone named – Solarin, is ready to go on sale from June 1, but only at Sirin’s retail store in London. The phone’s color options are rather simple – black

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Mobile phone use 009

According to a new study your smartphone can spot with 87% accuracy whether you suffer from depression. If you are expecting to read about a new smartphone that is able to read your thoughts while you are using it, think again. The findings from a recent study done by researchers

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huawei p8 smartphone

The latest flagship Smartphones with cameras are Huawei’s latest venture. The cameras are able to produce professional videos and photos. The camera has a mix of advanced sensors with optical image stabilization technology; this gives the users excellent quality photos with painting effects. Huawei is planning to market their new

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Intel's Realsense 3D Camera

The RealSense is Intel’s latest technology that can be used to track hand and head movements. It is also possible to change the focus of the photos after the photos have been taken. At the moment Intel has unveiled their prototype in an event in China. Many experts are saying

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Xiaomi Smartphones

The retail channels in India were massively expanded by Xiaomi with its mega sales bonanza after selling more than two million smart phones in a festival on Wednesday. Xiaomi is a Chinese company and they had arranged a 12 hour festival in seven different countries in Asia. They have successfully

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