Hunter Technology Merges with Sparton

Hunter Technology Merges with Sparton

For a $55M deal, Hunter Technology merges with Sparton. According to Sparton Corporation, its Sparton Hunter Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary has just completed a merger with Hunter Technology for an all-cash multi million deal.

Found in 1968, Hunter Technology was one of the pioneers in electronic contract manufacturing that specializes in aerospace and military applications, a statement of the company noted.

The company added that Hunter was one of the only suppliers in the Silicon Valley region that was providing engineering design, full rate production manufacturing solutions, new product introduction. They also worked with main aerospace and defense companies, measurement and tech suppliers, medical device makers, networking solution providers and a wide range of customers in multiple industries.

They were looking to combine forces with Sparton as well as to take the next step in their evolution, according to Hunter Technology president Joe O’Neil. He added that they believed growth would be accelerated using the additional support and enhanced capabilities the merger would bring. They also believed that Sparton could help them with reaching existing and potential customers, while they were going to provide Sparton with their regional presence of manufacturing and design services, which are focused on the integrated system functionality for high reliability and critical applications in similar end markets.

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