New Hardware Makes DLSR Photography Easier

New Hardware Makes DLSR Photography Easier

SXories Weye Feye is the latest technology on hardware that makes work simpler for DLSR photographers. This device can connect one’s digital camera as well as create its own Wi-Fi network, allowing users to fire their cameras wirelessly using a free Android or iOS app with their Smartphone.

It comes with a manual guide for assisting users as to what steps to do to connect as well as to turn off power at the right time for correct connections.  The new hardware measures 3.2 x 1.7-x 0.6-inches and comes with an internal lithium polymer battery of 200mAh that is able to run for up to eight hours. It can be charged via USB.

It comes with an 802.11n Wi-Fi range rated at up to 262 feet that can vary based on conditions and line of sight, among other factors.  Aside from these features, this latest device stands out because it comes with only 0.2 second latency, the time between when the camera fires and pressing the button. It also allows changing the settings, including shutter speed, ISO and aperture, among others, from the app. Therefore, it can allow users to adjust everything straight from the app, let’s say, if there were unexpected clouds that arrived or if the subject moved slower or faster than expected. All images are captured and then saved using the app-loaded Smartphone and then to the memory card for easier social media sharing.

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