Indian Courts take down Facebook Arrest Law

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The Supreme Court of India has taken the controversial law through which the police were able to arrest people for certain comments on the social media. Section 66A was taken down and was deemed to be against the constitution of India.

Many people were arrested in India for comments which spread hatred on various social media platforms. The Government of India had defended the Law saying that the reason behind this Law was to restrict people from sparking outrage.

The decision was made by a two-judge bench in the Supreme Court of India, many petitions were filed arguing that the Law violates the basic freedom of people that is the freedom of speech. Civil activists and rights groups were also against the Law and wanted filed petitions.

Justice RF Nariman said that this Law was not constitutional and that he had no trouble in taking it down, he believes it the right of the public to speak their mind and the state has no right to take away their freedom of speech and expression.

Section 66A was strict, if someone was found guilty of causing annoyance or inconvenience; he/she could be jailed for three years. That was a strict law and many people have suffered because of it.

Many activists and students think that this is a great move by the Indian court as this gives back the people of India their basic freedom to speak. There was a lot of outrage in India because of this Law and many people were against it.

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