Windows 10 is Coming this Summer

Windows 10 - New Start Menu

No exact date has been given by Microsoft yet about the release of Windows 10 but it is expected that Microsoft will launch Windows this summer. Microsoft says that they will launch it later this year which is a little vague but we know that windows 10 will be launched this year.

Windows 7 and 8.1 users will get a free upgrade to Windows 10 as well as users who are using Windows phone 8.1. At the moment, Microsoft has not released the price for consumers who are using the earlier versions like Windows Vista. Consumers might be obliged to buy a new pc if they are not using Windows 7.

Microsoft has teamed up with Chinese companies to make smart phones – the Windows 10 handsets. Windows 10 will be available on both phones and PC. Lenovo has also announced that they will sell Windows 10 phones on China Mobile.

This the most major update from Microsoft in the last 3 years. Windows 8 was not understood by many customers and Microsoft understands the importance of this fact. The automatic update of these users to Windows 10 indicates that.

Windows 10 will give users a similar experience to that of Windows 7 but will more creativity and innovation which is easy to use and will merge with tablets and smart phones.

With the Windows 10, users will experience the classic start menu and will boot directly to the desktop. The internet explorer is still in unknown territory at this point because of the Spartan project. Plus, users will also get a taste of the facial recognition software but, not before summer time.

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