The Puzzling Case of the Yeti

Yeti Picture

A geneticist may have solved the mystery of the Yeti. The Yeti is a beast who is thought to be originated In the Himalayas, the news made headline last year when a geneticist found hair samples which came from a very mysterious animal.

Scientists believe that there is no reason to believe that that the hair sample is from a Yeti and that it’s from a bear. After doing a genetic analysis, it was concluded that the hair sample is from an ancient bear species that lived in the Himalayas.

Scientists now believe that this unknown species of bear might be the reason of the legend of the Yeti. Another researcher said that the hair sample is not INFORMATIVE enough to give them a clear distinction between the brown bear and the polar bear.

Researchers agree that the hair samples were not from primates but they want to the bottom of this. The only way to do that is to find new evidence so that they can compare the results. Despite scientific discoveries, the public still believes in the legend of the Yeti. The reason for that is simple, people are captivated by the concept of monsters but mainly they are fascinated by the mystery surrounding them.

The Yeti is the most controversial because many cultures support the notion of the monster; this makes it difficult to dismantle the concept from zoological fact from Western Folklore. The Yeti still remains a mystery but some researchers are determined to solve this.

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