iPhone 6C, iPhone 6S or iPhone 7: Which Will Be Released Next?

iPhone 6C, iPhone 6S or iPhone 7: Which Will Be Released Next?

After Apple sold more or less 61 million units of iPhone in the most recent quarter, people are now making themselves ready for the possible release of iPhone 6S or iPhone 7 this coming September 2015. Considering the release cycle of iPhone models in the past, it is expected that the firm will unveil its brand new flagship this September.

There are people who are just too into iPhone. The good news is that Noka Productions’ filmmakers think that the iPhone 7 could also be too into you. Aside from the rumors that Apple will release iPhone 7 after the reign of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there are also speculations that what it will unveil is either iPhone 6C or iPhone 6S (or probably both).

Considering that the criticisms against iPhone 5C have been well-documented, it is expected that the said iPhone 6C will be on a different level compared to 5C. Though it might be a lot better, it is anticipated to be much more affordable than the initial price of iPhone 5C.

People are also going crazy about the idea of seeing iPhone 7 this year. It is expected for the device to sport a non-protruding Apple camera and a glowing Apple logo. Also, it is said to have a home button or TouchID fingerprint sensor that will be part of its touchscreen.

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