Apple Teamed Up With Samsung to Develop Apple Watch

Apple Tied Up With Samsung to Develop Apple Watch

Have you ever wished to see a device developed by both Apple and Samsung? It is undeniable that these two giant tech companies are rivals to be the best tech company in the whole world. These are also the top two brands preferred by people all over the world.

Now, it has been confirmed that the inside of Apple Watch, one of the newest products of Apple, is built by its rival Samsung on the company’s 28-nanometer LP technology. Now, these two companies are known to be “frenemies” – both friends and enemies as they are rivals yet still decided to develop something together.

With this fact, it is no longer a surprise for use to know if ever Samsung will build chips for Apple. The two have already worked together to make Apple Watch a success, why is it impossible for them to work on another project, right?

The 28nm used on Smart Watch is just one of two variants of 28-nanometer technology. It is the variant that offers lower performance, but is definitely cheaper than the other one. The reason why Apple decided to use the 28nm instead of the more expensive variant might be due to its goal of keeping its manufacturing costs as low as possible considering the fact that the company is expecting Apple Watch margins within the below-corporate average level for the next quarter.

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