Jawbone’s UP3 Fitness Tracker Extends Their Product Launch

Jawbone UP3 Activity Tracker Launch Extended

The UP3 fitness tracker by Jawbone will be launched 4 months ahead from the original delivery date. The tracker was supposed to launch on the 20th of April this year. The company also mentioned that the device will not be waterproof as advertised first. However, it will be “splash proof”.

Many people had already ordered the fitness band and they are now complaining on various social media platforms that the company failed to deliver their original promise of delivery and functionality.

Jawbone said that they have lost sales to Fitbit and Misfit, two of Jawbone’s major competitors They had announced last year that they would start production and begin shipping but when they scaled their manufacturing process, it became clear that mass production would not be possible as predicted.

The company also failed to achieve the level of water resistance as they had originally claimed and they also apologized to their customers and said that customers who want to cancel their order would be able to do so without any charge.

The company says that the delay is because of a sealing problem but a report by the Financial Times suggest that Jawbone is facing financial problems and described the financial position of the company as “perilous”.

The device is now in mass production and they will start shipping to customers who had ordered the device last April. Customers will start receiving the bands from mid-May. Though this is not the first time this has happened but the company is hopeful that they will ensure a fast recovery.

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