First Human Discovered

Fossil Jaw

Scientists have discovered what they are calling to be one of the first humans to have walked on this planet. The jawbone is about 2.8 million years old which takes the original estimate minus 400,000 years. This latest discovery of the jawbone was made in Ethiopia and this discovery is now spurring a discussion between scientists that the early humans were tree dwellers.

Many scientists are already saying that is the most significant discovery made in human history and may change the perspective of human evolution. Scientists have linked this discovery with “Lucy” the 3.2 million old human-like primates which was unearthed in 1974. The question is, did Lucy develop into the very first primitive humans? Many researchers are now pondering on this question and they are suggesting that the answer may lie in this recent finding.

Found in the Ledi-Geraru research area, the 2.8 million old lower jawbone was discovered by an Ethiopian student Chalachew Seyoum, during his interview with the BBC he said that he was surprised and excited to have unearthed the fossil.

Chalachew immediately knew that he had unearthed something special. The fossil has five teeth is of the left side of the lower jaw. This is a new challenge for science and researchers think that we will rediscover our roots and redefine our genetic trail.

Scientists believe that this re-analysis will have a big contribution in the quest to find the roots of humanity, at the moment, the scientific community is mystified but they know a shroud has been taken off.

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