Data Initiative for Community Policing, Leaders Gather at the White House

Data Initiative for Community Policing, Leaders Gather at the White House

Police data initiative through using data and technology in community policing is given more priority. US President Barack Obama, after a meeting with the representatives of the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, speaks to the press in the White’s House Roosevelt Room, on March 2.

Later last year in December, the president launched the task force, envisioning of creating particular recommendations in order to enhance community and law enforcement relations for improving public safety. The said task force is composed of experts from the civil rights society, community leaders and law enforcement, who are engaged in finding and negotiating with various constituency groups and stakeholders in the US for identifying opportunities to improve America’s policing.

More than 60 recommendations have been submitted to the president through an interim report, which contains recommendations, including oversight technology, policy, community policing, social media, training, crime reduction, education and officer safety and wellness. In majority, the report places great emphasis on the potential uses of data and technology in enhancing results and in fostering trust across the community.

At the White House recently, officials from municipal technology, police stations and community groups from 16 counties and cities collaborated along with data scientists, technologists, foundations, issue experts and law enforcement thought leaders, among others, as a response to this move.

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