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Learn About DBX Converter Tool and Its Requirement Amongst Users

The article here introduces readers to the very need of using the DBX Converter Tool to convert from Outlook Express to other email platforms. Also, the selection of software over any other probable method is justified.

Email platforms and software applications are both creations of technology, and it is ever changing and advancing. Therefore, over time when they go out of trend, availability of better variants replaces their usage. However, in case of email applications not only do the users leave an application behind, but also do some of them compromise with the data storage in it. Every email program has a storage format which is either proprietary or versatile, i.e. either platform specific or not. One of the oldest such email platforms known to Windows users is the Outlook Express to Outlook application. The client was a default email program with Windows XP Operating System. And this article here will be describing how it went from being the most used program to the one people rapidly starting switching from.

Troubles Faced with Having Outlook Express

Windows XP came pre-configured with Outlook Express as the default email program on installation. When the application was in use, it served a number of organizations as the ideal emailing program. However, soon after the update from Microsoft regarding the end of service for Windows XP, affect showed upon on Outlook Express too.

The major problems that Outlook Express user started facing since the launch of better applications or emergence of the existing ones included:

  • Limited Options: The application only offered emailing and contact storage along with RSS feed.
  • Ended Support: End of support for Windows XP also ended support for the client making it not suitable to be continuing working with, without future updates or technical support offered.
  • Outdated: The application as a result of ended support became outdated too as no updates came afterwards.

Conversion from an application that is not user friendly becomes a necessity more than a choice and third party applications have always played a major role in it. DBX Converter tool is a reliable tool offering the respective serving in outputs like; PST, MSG, & EML.

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