Amazon Web Services unveils Amazon API Gateway service

Amazon Web Services unveils Amazon API Gateway service, which will help customers to create, publish, maintain, secure and monitor API’s at any scale. It will enable customers to create an API that can act as a front door for apps to access data, functionality or business logic from their back end services.

Amazon also launched AWS Device Farm, which will help the app developers to test their apps on tabs, smartphones and other devices to enhance the quality of their Android and Fire OS apps.

What will Amazon API Gateway service offer?

This technology by Amazon Web Services (AWS) is primarily a software version of a broker that can connect various databases, software languages and programs. Amazon API Gateway will handle all the tasks related to accepting and processing billions of daily API calls, including authorization, access control, traffic management, monitoring and lot more. Amazon API Gateway has no start-up costs or minimum fees, developers only have to pay for the API calls they receive and the amount of data that has been transferred.

Marco Argenti, Vice President of Amazon Web Services said “Building and running rock-solid APIs at massive scale is a significant challenge for customers. And yet, this is one of the most important ingredients for building and operating modern applications that are consumed through multiple devices.”

Amazon Web Services unveils Amazon API Gateway service and AWS security tools such as IAM and AWS Identity will help customers to protect access to their back end services. Amazon API Gateway will let the companies run various versions of an API at the same time so that they can develop, deploy, and test new versions of their APIs without effecting existing apps. The metrics such as error rates, number of API calls and latency can also be provided by it.

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