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‘The Grid’ AI Websites – Possible Future Of The Web

What promises to be the future of websites, The Grid is a step in a slightly different direction from traditional website design

We have seen websites in their infancy of basic HTML  grow into Web 2.0 sites and content management systems. The Grid takes what could be the next evolutionary leap with their artificial intelligence to custom build your site for you. Simply upload your photos, videos, text and links and let The Grid do the rest for you.

The Grid
The Grid

Select the style you want your site built in and decide on your websites goals. Their algorithms help you to pick out the perfect color and layouts based on the photos you upload. Whats great about this is so many time people purchase a template they like but the content they add does not quite fit, making it even more obvious that the site was not custom built and a template. The Grid gives a much more seamless and cohesive look to your site so visitors can focus on your content and not what the site does not look right.

Do you plan to add more content to your site over time?  The Grid is built to expand and contract based on the content you add or remove. Gone are the days of fixed content areas or being stuck in a one-size-fits-all grid system. This is a truly flexible system that all websites have been lacking.

What sets The Grid apart from other CMS sites or ‘Grid’ systems, is its artificial intelligence. You can easily go from a business card type website, to a blog, to an e-commerce website in seconds, all while not having to know a line of code or go through a complex and limiting drag-and-drop website builder.

Much like the goal of Facebook Pages, The Grid wants to make building a website an extremely simple process so you can focus on what you do and not in spending lots of money and time trying to build the perfect site. Sites like WordPress, Wix and Shopify have done amazing things in the Web 2.0 days of advancing websites from static, hard to manage and grow HTML based websites, to things like the famous 5 minute WordPress install, drag-and-drop builders, and Bootstrap grid systems.

“We want to make the experience more fun,” says The Grid founder and CEO . “I think the key to that is focusing on the content. It’s what all the people [users] do, just focus on the content.”

Currently, The Grid websites are not open to the public but only to founding members. Your other option is to wait just a little longer because initial reports are that it will become open to the public in the spring of 2015, although there is no official launch date as of this writing. You can pay $96 to pre-enroll, which seems a little risky since no one seems to be reporting on the actual ease of use for the product, stability, or things you can add or edit to your site. They are also offering to people who sign up early to get their discounted rate of $8 per month. Otherwise you can plan to pay $25 per month as their business plan stands now.

It’s reported that over 40,000 people have currently signed up for the project and are members of The Grid. That is not a great metric as to the quality of the product but it is a great indication that there is a lot of interest in something like this. Chances are it will be a great solution for non-programmers that want another option outside of sites like WordPress, Wix and Shopify, although it could also be an easy alternative for web developers who have clients on a budget.

You can check out The Grids demo video below to get an idea of the look and feel of the sites they are planning on rolling out initially as well as some of the features mention in this article. Much like a movie trailer, anything can be made to look sexy or exciting, so until people can get their hands on the product and give some feed back, everything is speculation based on this video and their website.

You can get more information and sign up at their website at

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