Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz gain in New Hampshire, WSJ/NBC poll finds

Donald Trump maintains a double-digit lead over the Republican field, but it’s shrinking. He is leading the polls in the state. Mr. Trump will no longer be able to boast that everybody loves him, and Ms. Clinton faces polling showing that Sen.

Following Rubio’s finish in Iowa, several Republican rivals have stepped up their rhetorical attacks on the senator. Mr. Cruz did it to a fare-thee-well in Iowa while Mr. Trump relied more on airport fly-ins aboard his private jet and mass rallies at which he signed autographs along rope-lines while boasting of his greatness in various categories.

That makes three polls in a row where he’s at 17-19 percent and has second place to himself. Ted Cruz in Iowa, will attempt to regain his footing in a debate set for 8 p.m. ET Saturday on ABC. “I think we should have come in first, to be honest with you, a lot of things happened there”. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. speaks during a town hall meeting in Laconia, N.H., Wednesday Feb. 3, 2016.

The survey included 653 likely Republican voters. New polls showed Rubio on the ascent both in New Hampshire and nationally, raising his hopes that Republican Party leaders would soon unite behind Rubio in a bid to sideline their two polarizing front-runners: Trump and Texas Sen. Cruz, Trump and Rubio seized them.

Each is desperate for a breakout moment that could help him win over New Hampshire voters who have historically made up their minds at the last minute. In recent days, Marco Rubio has been gaining on him, following Rubio’s solid third-place finish in Iowa.

Cruz has apologized for circulating the rumor based on a news report about Carson traveling to Florida after the Iowa voting. He belittled Bush for spending millions and flailing in the polls.

Rival Chris Christie mocked Rubio on Tuesday as “the boy in the bubble” managed by his “handlers”. “I wouldn’t have done it, but the election is over”, Christie said, exasperated.

Bush hasn’t reserved his attacks for Rubio.

Bush’s troubled but well-heeled campaign will move into the later primaries with strong fundraising totals and a wealth of super PAC funding from the conservative independent group Right to Rise. He said the Cruz team “as a campaign” never alleged Carson was dropping out.

Bush, the former Florida governor who was an early favorite but has languished through the fall and winter, is on a crucial mission to stage a comeback.

Cruz and Carson’s fates hinge less on the outcome in New Hampshire.

But this past week, they’ve homed in on one particular punching bag: Marco Rubio. “Bush can financially survive a loss in New Hampshire and I believe there is personal animosity between the master and the apprentice between Bush and Rubio”. I can find almost no issues where that’s the case. “But at the end of the day the people of Iowa spoke”.

New Hampshire is a key state for Christie, who skipped the Iowa caucus celebrations Monday evening in the state.

Trump’s debate performances have been uneven, and if he does poorly Saturday night he will have little time to recover before voters render their verdict. On the stump this week, Trump has slightly recalibrated his pitch, reviving his core themes of border enforcement and trade and taking fewer shots at others.

On Friday, Carson said the claim “smacks of deceit”. “It’s not a talking point”. Trump, however, still had more than a 20-point lead.

[Michael] Simon, the Obama campaign veteran, said the tab must reflect planning for a national race.

Citizen Cruz got 51,649 votes, more votes than anyone in the history of Iowa caucuses in either party.

“Governor, I want to know what kind of commander in chief you’ll be, and before you answer, I want you to know this is personal”.

Weaver nodded and said the goal for him – for everyone – is simply to “weather the storm”.


Christie’s campaign says Ashcraft’s comments don’t change the point of the story about the serious responsibilities of the next president.

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