Mark Zuckerberg Supports

Mark Zuckerberg supports

The owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg supports the objectives of after many Indian companies stepped back from the project.

Mr Zuckerberg said in a blog post that there is no incompatibility between net neutrality and the basic free services of; he also said that the web services are equally accessible and should co-exist.

The critics have a different perspective, they say the Zuckerberg is ambitious but the project aims to create confusion among millions of users to think that the internet and Facebook are the same.’s main policy is “zero-rating” consumers receive the service for free; this is achievable as telecom providers mutually agree not to pass the costs of handling the data traffic.

Facebook says that users can join for free; it’s free for app providers and publishers. They also said that they are not restricting anyone to join; any mobile operator can join the website. Mark Zuckerberg says that he wants as many users as possible.

Airtel, a leading Indian mobile company has also been using the “zero-rating” policy; this way, consumers can access apps as the app provider takes care of the bill. However, this puts small developers into a troublesome area; they are at a commercial disadvantage.

Many companies have boycotted this notion; this includes and The Times Group. They say that they having a service conflict with the principle of neutrality. Indian operators are looking for a bigger slice and more profits as they think the current offer is not feasible.

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