New Social Mobile Charging Community and Tech Launched

New Social Mobile Charging Community and Tech Launched

A company launches a cross-platform mobile device power sharing technology. Nipe Technology introduces a new system for sharing in cross platform devices, including iPad to tablet, android to iPhone and any other mobile device combination that can be charged quickly using the social mobile charging innovation.

Some had tried and dreamed about this technology and now Nipe’s going to change how battery limitations are supposed to be by making the world’s pioneer in social mobile charging community.

The new technology has been launched this week. It allows mobile device users to share battery power with one another no matter the type of device and platform that receives and transfers power. This new system will enable an Android owner to transfer power from a tablet or smartphone and vice versa.  Therefore, family and friends who are running out of battery power of their device can easily recharge by hooking up the attractive and lightweight wearable bracelet or by using a Mini-Star hub that will allow device to be recharged at the same time.

By using a Niper app users will be alerted when another Niper user is close by, making the technology the world’s first social mobile charging community that can give a user full control of how much power would be shared and also would show them how long each transfer would take.

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