Japanese Magnetic Train Breaks World Record

Japan Maglev Train Speed Record

The Maglev, a magnetic levitation train hit a record of 366mph. This is the fastest speed recorded in the history of magnetic trains. Constructed by the Central Japan Railway Company, they say that the seven-car train has successfully completed its testing phase on a trial track located in Yamanashi on Thursday.

The previous record was 361mph which was set in 2003, according to the Central Japan Railway Company, the new record can be broken again in a few days when the train will be tested in full capacity.

The next test is scheduled on Tuesday where experts are saying that the train might hit speeds of about 370mph, about 500km per hour.

According to the Central Japan Railway Company, there are 29 technicians on board the maglev. The new line between Tokyo and Nagoya will be functional in 2027, until then, the train may not reach a speed close to its capacity. However, the train will still be able to reach a speed of 314mph; this means that a 178-mile journey will take less than 40 minutes.

When compared with bullet trains, the maglev is twice as fast, for instance, the British HS2 rail line hits a top speed of 224mph. The Maglev train utilizes a magnetic charge which lifts the train up and moves it above.

Japan is hopeful that they will export this technology to the US, Japan has offered to partly fund the new line between Washington DC and New York.

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