Motorola Is Preparing to Release a Wave of Android 5.1 Updates

Motorola Is Preparing to Release a Wave of Android 5.1 Updates

It seems like Motorola is currently preparing to unveil Android 5.1 updates wave onto all of its line-up mobile devices. A couple of weeks ago, we have seen the release notes regarding Android 5.1 for the Moto X (first generation) in Brazil. Now, we are seeing sets for Moto X (first generation), T-Mobile MotoX (second generation and AT&T MotoX (second generation) in the United States. There is still no information regarding the DROID Turbo. Nonetheless, it is also expected to come very soon.

There are several changes for Android 5.1 on the second generation of Moto X through AT&T. It is set to settle as software version 23.11.21. The release notes is entirely identical to the variant o T-Mobile, which is assumed to be the Pure Edition, since there is no T-Mobile Moto X (second version). The update is expected to land soon as software version 23.11.14 on the certain mobile phone. As for the Moto X (first generation), people are considering software version 222.21.2 though it is not yet confirmed.

As of the moment, Moto X users are now very excited for the software updates coming soon. This will allow them to enjoy more application and to experience a more innovative touch of Android. They are very thrilled and excited to use and enjoy the coming brand new Android 5.1 updates.

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