iPhone and Mac Are Cannibalizing iPad’s Sales

iPhone and Mac Are Cannibalizing iPad’s Sales

It is not a secret to us that iPad is experiencing a decline in its sales for quite some time now. This year, it has fallen another 29 percent for its revenue and 23 percent for the unit shipment. This just means that iPad had a weakening demand and a shift toward much lower cost models of iPad.

According to Apple, part of this continuous decline was the company’s reduction channel inventory by more or less a million units. This just means that the sell-through to end customers was actually better than its unit shipments.

Tim Cook, who is the CEO of Apple, made a revelation during a conference call. He admitted that the success of both iPhone and Mac contributed a lot to the decline of iPad sales. Apple is fully aware that iPhone and Mac are cannibalizing its iPad devices. However, they just deal with it as they know cannibalization really happens.

Fool Evan Niu stated the fact that back in the year 2012, Steve Jobs, the late inventor and CEO of Apple, said that if Apple does not cannibalize itself, somebody or some company will. What he means when he said this is that cannibalization is important to a company’s success. A successful should cannibalize its own products to recapture the customers’ hearts again and again before somebody else will.

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