Comcast: To Give $20 to Customers Every Time the Technician Is Late

Comcast: To Give $20 to Customers Every Time the Technician Is Late

After being continuously hailed as the worst company in the United States, Comcast is now determined to do something in order to improve their service and to improve how people see the firm. Comcast decided to provide a lot of improvements when it comes to their customer service. One of the customer service enhancements they offer is that they are now going to implement the plan to pay customers $20 once the technician is late.

Though the plan to pay $20 to each customer once the technician is late is not a brand new plan, it would be the first time for the plan to be set on full implementation if every.

Aside from the fact that the company will now credit $20 to the customer when a technician is late, Comcast is also planning to hire technicians across the country. Adding more technicians can be very helpful to make their plan to guarantee that there will be no delayed technicians in the future.

According to Comcast, it won’t be in a snap that they will be able to implement their entire plan of developing their customer service. As what they said, it might take them multiple years and might cost the firm a total of $300 million just to make sure that the implementation of its plans comes into a success.

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