New HTTP/2 Web Protocol Will Increase Browsing Speed

HTTP/2 Protocol

The new HTTP/2 protocol is now approved and will be the most significant update in the last 20 years. This new web protocol will streamline many areas of browsing while increasing its speed. The Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) has validated the protocol as one of their members has confirmed through a blog post.

Mark Nottingham said that before the standard is applied, some amount of editing will be needed. This new protocol may be the biggest step in internet history and developers are excited to see how it will perform. The HTTP/2 will not only enable users to load pages quickly but will also help in improving encryption.

According to the developers, the internet industry has been fascinated with internet speed since the invention of the internet. Mr. Nottingham had already proposed the benefits of the new protocol last year, according to him, they are not trying to invent the wheel, in fact they are trying to make it compatible so that it can seamlessly work with the current structure of the web.

The browsers connect and communicate with the servers through the Hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) the latest version will make it easier and will enhance encryption technologies for websites.

Mr. Nottingham also said that the HTTP/2 is not something magical, it simply improves performance by increments but the browsers and servers will need to learn to take advantage of this new protocol. It can remove some weaknesses to performance, he added.

As usual, Google has a hand behind this, the HTTP/2 is based on a Google Technology known as SPDY and Google will also change to this new protocol for Google Chrome.

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