Hackers At Large: Hacking Universities, Organizations and Governments

Cyber Attack

Internet security company Kaspersky exposed a “hacking campaign” which has been going on for a while. The management at Kaspersky believes that they have not seen anything like this before and a mysterious group nick named “The Equation Group” is behind this and origins are unknown at this point.

The hackers are using a kind of malware which had shadowy features, its quiet and doesn’t let the user know that he/she is being hacked. The system that this group is using is complex and reliable. The moves that were used were unheard of. A malware was planted on the computer’s firmware, this was never done before until now. This move allows the malware to stay undetected by the antivirus software.

The Kaspersky research team has reported that the system that this group is using is called “GROK.” Though this “hacking tool” is only used by the NSA’s elite cyber-warfare unit, this was confirmed by former contractor Edward Snowden. According to reports, the equation has tied with a group which had sabotaged Iran’s nuclear enrichment program, the group was known as Stuxnet, later this was known to be a joint project.

The NSA has not replied to the Kaspersky report directly, their main attention is to monitor ISIS and Al-Qaeda and expose their terrorist plans. The Kaspersky report tells us that the equation group has hacked hospitals and aerospace companies located in China and Iran, China and Pakistan. The reports also tell us that companies in Russia were also hacked, this also includes military facilities. Their objective is to gather intelligence in the long run and they seem to be very talented as per the report.

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