Hackers Can Spy on Samsung’s Smart TVs

Samsung Smart TV

Samsung’s smart TV can be hacked as some of the models let the owner upload their voice on the internet in an unencrypted form. According to reports, hackers can easily monitor Samsung customers.

According to cyber security experts, public attention is necessary to minimize “spying” Samsung on the other hand have released a new code that will encrypt voice commands for their models so that their consumers are protected from hacker. Samsung has demonstrated in the past that customer privacy has been one of their priorities and that they take it very seriously. The data encryption and software update will available for every model and will be pre-installed in newer models.

Samsung’s smart TV division has been facing this problem for a while and has shown concerns to rectify this situation as this may affect their brand. Samsung has updated their privacy policy, previously, they were using industry standards for voice command encryption.

The problem has aggravated since the “Kaspersky report” hacking is turning out to be a major issue around the world and customers may become tentative about this matter.

Ken Munro and David Lodge from Pen Test Partners raised concerns over this issue after testing an older model. They both discovered that the voice commands were unencrypted alongside with its MAC address and information about the TV. This means that hackers could actually read the information and can hack the connection as well but Samsung believes that these kinds of hacks are not easy and are reassuring their customers that they should not worry about it.

Apart from the speculation and Samsung’s response, Mr Munro believes that is not a small issue, in fact it is a serious flaw.

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