New Version of Google Glass Is About to Come in the Market

New Version of Google Glass Is About to Come in the Market

Google Glass has been one of the most experimental and most controversial products introduced by Google. Though many people have been amused by this product, there are also people, especially those who are privacy advocate, who criticized the product.

Recent news stated that a new developed version of Google Glass might be launched soon. It has been reported that Massimo Vian, who is the chief executive of Luxottica, said that the company is currently on the phase of developing a new product and is coming soon.

Speculations said that Vian is referring to the developed version of Google Glass as Luxottica, a company known for luxurious eyeglass brands, such as Oakley and Ray-Ban.

Why do people think that Vian is referring to Luxottica? It is simply because the company has been working together with Google since May 2014 to make frames for its Google Glass.

Google also released its own statement. According to the statement, they do not want to give in to rumors. They also stated that the team is currently heads down to building Google Glass’ future.

The news is just one of the many indications that Google has not yet given up on this experimental and controversial product. They will still continue to develop it until they have already achieved what they want for the product.

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