Did Google Release a Hint of Its Glass Headsets’ Future?

Did Google Release a Hint of Its Glass Headsets’ Future?

Google has always been among the top tech companies all over the world. No wonder why people are really looking forward to what they will offer next. Just recently, it seems like Google has hinted their forthcoming product as they have sent a mystery Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE device to Federal Communications Commission or FCC for approval.

The submission of the device to the FCC seems to hint the future of the company’s Glass headsets. There are also some rumors and telltale signs that the device will surely be one of those items considered as Mountain View’s wearables.

Also, people noticed that the digital FCC label of the submitted device does not only look like a Glass interface card. It appears that the user will still have to swipe for you to see it. There are also talks about a great Android-like firmware revision and of course, talks are spreading about how the device will have a much more improved battery help.

Though it is undeniable that there are a lot of great expectations for this upcoming device, there is also a possibility that this is just like any other gadget that simply happens to feature glass-style navigation. Nonetheless, it is less likely to happen. People are now very excited to witness its official launching to see what this device can offer.

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