New YouTube Based Google App for Kids

Youtube Kids App Screenshot

Google is launching a new app which is just for kids, it will be called YouTube Kids, and this will be an android app and will play videos which will be age-appropriate. The App has a very simple design and is made for young children who cannot read, Google is concentrating on easy navigation and instructiveness.

According to Google, the App will be available from Feb. 23. At the moment, the app will only be available in the US. According to reports, YouTube has crossed 180% growth in the last year, the genre was family entertainment. This shows that the demand for family entertainment has increased and its becoming popular among children.

The App is designed to save kids from that dark corner of YouTube, though explicit content is banned but sometimes a few things slip out and kids are easily drawn into those videos which are not appropriate. According to YouTube, they are trying to make their website friendlier for kids as many parents have also requested them to do so.

The App will be able to play videos which are edited and the aim of this App is to give children the safety to not watch anything that is ill-suited. YouTube Kids does not have the ability to upload so that will reduce the chances of people uploading explicit content, the App only allows for users to watch videos.

The search terms are also cleaned up so kids who type in explicit words will get this message:

Try searching for something else

Before launching, the App will go through a detailed review so that it complies with COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).

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