Security Risk: Lenovo is now Offering to Remove Pre-Installed Software

Lenovo Logo

According to reports, Lenovo, the Chinese company is now giving their customers a tool which will help them remove some software which is deemed as a security risk. Many experts have endorsed the idea that Lenovo should have done that long ago.

Some of the company’s notebook devices had preinstalled software – The Superfish adware program. Though the idea was innovative but only some of the notebooks were shipped. Lenovo had to disable it because they received a high volume of customer complaints.

This was confirmed by Lenovo that they had to disable it and that It had some minor glitches. Lenovo also gave a statement that they are looking to solve this issue, they are aware of the problem and are concentrating hard on fixing this as soon as possible.

Lenovo also issues a public apology for the distress this may have caused to some of their users. The Company believes that this is a learning opportunity and is a chance to improve their processes to streamline their operations in the future.

The software Superfish was made to help users find products at the best price, Lenovo thinks that they were quick and decisive in making the call to discontinue with the software and provide a tool to help their users.

Initially, users complained about pop up ads and their browsers getting slower but later on, experts concluded that the software is not for the notebook’s health because it compromises security.

This means that anyone who has hacked Superfish, can collect data.

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