NYPD releases shooting classification fact sheet after criticism from former police commissioner

New York City’s top cop has a four-letter word for people who are jumping on the hoverboard craze: nuts.

The Wednesday-morning front page of the Daily News declared: “NYPD CHIEFS AT WAR”.

“There was greater knowledge of manipulation during the last era of Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly”, said the 2014 report – published in Justice Quarterly – which surveyed 1,770 retired NYPD officers.

“He is engaging in politics”, Bratton said. It fell after 9/11, it fell while the NYPD stopped and frisked millions of innocent New Yorkers, and it continued to fall after a federal court told the NYPD to stop stopping and frisking millions of innocent New Yorkers. “I stand by my crime statistics because they are factual”. They are the truth. Everything he said yesterday in a statement we had refeuded and rebutted.

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton on Tuesday challenged his predecessor Ray Kelly to back up his claim that the department is under-counting shootings in the city. “That’s my take on crime plummeting”.

How safe is the city?

“The current administration has changed the way shootings victims are calculated”, Kelly said in a statement. It is part of a decades-long dick measuring contest between two powerful men who hate each other, a feud that has wasted an untold amount of energy and public resources.

“It is awesome the comments you will make when selling a book”, Bratton said with a touch of sarcasm, referring to a book Kelly released earlier this year. “Any Tom, Dick, or Harry – even one who has the stature of Mr. Kelly – comes up and alleges, without substantiation?”

The Bratton-Kelly conflict has additional layers due to their differing approaches to policing philosophy.

Kelly said he had been told wounds sustained by a victim who refuses to cooperate with a police investigation have been recorded as self-inflicted.

The NYPD also said in the sheet that it hasn’t changed the way it has classified shootings since Bratton took over. “He was the police commissioner”. “In his 12 years, that never happened”.



NYPD releases shooting classification fact sheet after criticism from former police commissioner

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