Photographer Joey Shaw Recent Interview with Exit Magazine

Photographer Joey Shaw
Photographer Joey Shaw

Exit magazine just released a short interview with the famous fashion photographer Joey Shaw.

Joey is the author of the stunning black and white image portraying the beautiful Deborah Ann Woll that became viral this last week with the social networks.

During the interview mr Shaw explains his point of view about beauty calling it like “The natural destination of all our best and most addicted feelings” and what it takes to get the right shot.

He also recognizes every photoshoot to be like a partnership between hair style, make up and styling. “At the very end the photographer has the responsibility to press he button depending on his own personal interpretation of that beauty.” Joey also refuses to call his life “exciting”.

“We woke up at 4 this morning, we are running to take another flight and we must be on location tomorrow in Madrid at 6 AM. We are not going back to see our families for weeks sometimes. We don’t even know what a private life is and let’s not talk about relationships. If you call it an exciting life…”

About the picture of Deborah Ann Woll he answers: “Me and Deborah, we worked together only one time in our lives. She’s one of the best subjects you can dream to shoot one day in your life and it’s not because of her beauty as everyone can imagine. It’s because you can’t miss a shot with her. Every single picture she’s moving and acting and posing for a new picture, every single shot.

I think that day in only 2 hours we produced images to cover at least 3 magazines for how many good shots we had. She’s one of the best professionals I’ve ever been working with. And when you have that situation on a set everything comes out like natural.”

In this interview Joey talked even about what is attracting him the most in a woman and what is the fashion photography today, remembering the 70s, the 80s and the 90s.

And when asked why the celebrities love him so much and not just for his talent, the answer has been amazing.

What happened this week about this black and white image is what we call viral and what we call “the power of the web”. A stunning image that turned out to be a breathtaking example of pure contemporary art.

The article and the interview have been conducted by Demetra Fulhse.

You can read the full interview at the following page:

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