Online dating platform: League

Online Dating: League

This is an age of online dating and many people find it difficult to find the right mate. The league is a new app that lets users find their date through searching their niche. The league has a tagline “for people who hate dating apps, by people who hate dating apps” they are targeting a small niche which may grow into a big market.

Different dating websites/apps give their users a lot of choice; people get thousands of options which can overwhelm them. For many, joining a dating site or app is an investment of time and energy and it seems that thousands of options are good; people don’t want that many options and they usually get confused.

The App uses an algorithm which lets the user scan data from the social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. Users can search information regarding work experience and education. The apps only identifies 5 mates per day, experts think that this will give the users enough time to single out the person that they are interested in rather than blowing through hundreds of leads per day.

The league is made for people who are motivated and have high standards and prefer quality and brains. The league only has 10,000 members at the moment but there are 100,000 members waiting to join.

Experts think that the app may be elitist because of its exclusive nature and only targets a certain pool of people. However, the app has an objective to substitute real life dating which brings a lot of excitement on the table.

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