Instagram Bans Nudity: No Naked Pictures!

Instagram Nudity Banned

Instagram have revised their rules on posting certain things. Posting with your clothes on is now the new motto for Instagram. People are urged to post their own photos and videos with their clothes on.

Experts say that Instagram may go too far to enforce its ban. Some of its most prevalent content, Stimulating quotes, memes, TV screen grabs, and concert photos could all be measured against the rules if someone reports you for sharing them.

Instagram says that their policies are the same but now they are trying to give their users a clear document on their rules.

The question is that are these enforceable? Some conservative countries are happy with the changes but many view this as an unnecessary censorship. The same case is with Facebook, some people say that these restrictions are even harsher than the catholic church of in the 1500s. Experts are also saying that this is world where creativity and expression but now there is no standard to judge when something crosses the line. On the other hand, there are people who get offended by nudity.

This would hamper some of the creative content creators on Instagram; there are millions of followers who follow creative content. But for now, she says content owners will have to manually comb through Instagram report people who share their content without permission to have it taken down.

Instagram says that their business is built on shares content and they also need to protect the rights of the users.

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