Police: Credit Card Skimming Devices Harder to Spot

Police: Credit Card Skimming Devices Harder to Spot

Authorities have been battling credit card skimmers in years, but claimed that criminals are getting harder and harder to beat (and spot). Recently, a skimming device was spotted inside a Lakeland gas station pump. According to police investigators, a card reader like it was also used at a SunTrust Bank (Tampa).

People were asked to become vigilant and protect themselves from skimmers by checking their bank statement often to spot for suspicious charges because hackers usually make smaller purchases, including gift cards at superstores, such as Wal-Mart instead of buying expensive items. They are also advised to allot a smaller credit limit for gas purchases so that they can check for statements easier.

In addition, consumers are advised to pump gas in pumps near the cashier’s vision line because these skimmers usually choose those located farther away from a clerk’s sight.  If possible, they should also pay cash inside the store and see if the gas station has a safety seal tape on its door so that they can be rest assured that none has altered or tampered the tank.

Consumers are asked not to use a tank if its cabinet looks tampered with something or is not locked.  And when choosing to pay via card, choose credit to avoid pin encoding.  They should also remember to report any fraudulent transactions within two months.

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