Panelists: Technology Will Change How People Get Healthcare

Panelists: Technology Will Change How People Get Healthcare

Panelists claim technology to change the way people receive healthcare.  In 2013, Ed Buckley, a doctoral student at the University of Florida was a presenter/creator during the first ever One Spark Festival, but not on Wednesday.

He was back in Jacksonville in another session of One Spark, but not as a creator this time. Instead of searching for investments, he is serving as a panelist in an event held at the Bank of America’s 42nd floor. He serves as a panelist for the discussion “Spotlight on Innovation: Health Care,” an event organized by the Gray Robinson law firm about the innovations in healthcare.

Back in 2013, he was looking for venture capital to get support for peerFit, his 2nd tech company, and this month, he will be able to complete his doctoral study in health behavior. Aside from peerFit, he was behind Wellness2Go in 2007, with the main mission of rewarding people engaging in physical health activities.

Main message that Buckley and panelists have made clear in the discussion is that technology is going to bring changes on how people would gather and share health data. During the conference, he was wearing FitBit, a wearable fitness tracker, monitoring his exercise, activity, sleep patterns, weight and food intake.

Do you agree that technology could really change the way people receive healthcare? Highlight your thoughts by writing your comments below.

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